Simon Cavalier

I’m Simon, I’m 34 and I think I might be one of the Brussels’s happiest cook and dad! I grew up in Helecine just between Brussels and Liège. I’ve studied communication here in Brussels but I quickly gave up trying to find an exciting job in that field. So, I started working in bars and restaurants and went to CERIA, a good cooking school in Anderlecht. Now, I really enjoy being a Chef and communicate…

Maria Lucia Portocarrero

I am Maria Lucia Portocarrero, Nicaraguan, catlover, yogi, living in Europe since 2012 and in Brussels since 2016. I am a sustainability expert working for a big company but always looking into entrepreneurial opportunities to jump out of the executive/corporate world and start my own adventure.  

Julien Guinel

My name is Julien Guinel, I am Le Phare du Kanaal co-manager. I am from France and I live in Brussels for 9 years now. I studied Education and Communication but quickly I started being interested in cooking and more seriously 3 years ago when I met Hanna, my great business partner!  

Bertrand Vandeloise

Je suis Bertrand Vandeloise, bruxellois de 33 ans, papa, qui aime la vie et les gens, photographe et photo-reporter, engagé, il m’arrive même parfois de réaliser en vidéo et de m’essayer au graphisme.