Meeting rooms
In the heart of Brussels
Get some fresh air, have a meeting at Le Phare
Custom-made formulas

Our meeting rooms are bright and cosy. The house, located in the center of Brussels, has a lot of character. At your disposal: projection screen, flipchart and high speed Internet. You will enjoy our restaurant from breakfast to aperitif!

Book a room for 1 hour, half a day, a day, an evening
Drinks included
Enjoy a good coffee, tea, water during the whole day
Easy booking
Make a reservation, you’ll receive the invoice within a minute
We take care of you from breakfast to afterwork
Our prices
Book 2 meeting rooms, get 5%
6 people
Half day120/4 hours
Day180/10 hours
30 people
Half day220/4 hours
Day330/10 hours
The canteen
130 people
Catering included1000/day and night
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They organize their events with us

Big companies, NGO's, start-ups, individuals: we love to work with everyone