Le Grand Amour

We are Matthieu and Stella, co-founders of “Le Grand Amour” agency. We help people in love to organize their wedding proposal, romantic surprise or love declaration. We work together with Thuy Vi, our intern.  

Dominique Gringoire

I am Dominique Gringoire, founder of the DG-Design Agency, a multi-disciplinary agency based on my passion for design, elegancy and the “beautiful”. I offer to my clients an expertise for design, architecture and interior design actors.  

Jasper De Craecker

I’m Jasper De Craecker and I run a web development company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania called Array 51. Usually I’m in Brussels meeting with customer but I also spend quite some time at the office in Romania.  

Marco Pracchini

Hi, I am Marco Pracchini. I sailed almost 5 years ago from Italy all the way up to Brussels, but my boat is never harbored for long in the same place, as I travel frequently for my job and (most interesting) in my personal life.