Beatriz Gómez Alberdi

My name is Beatriz and I’m from Alicante, Spain. I’m a Spanish teacher and medical doctor. Before I finished my studies of medicine I already had a contract to work as an intern doctor in Germany. Don’t ask me why exactly but I really wanted to work abroad and Germany was the perfect place to go 😀 It was a great period, I learnt a lot, and met lots of nice people on my way….

Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchof

My name is Muriel Mattiussi-Kirchof. I’m French and moved to Brussels 11 years ago for family reasons (my husband being Dutch, we settled mid-way) and have enjoyed being here ever since. As a translator, living amongst such a diverse community is fantastic!  

Co-working is the future!

Even though the pandemic gave us a hard time, we think that co-working scene will face a bright future. Let us explain you why. The Covid-19 situation will last in our memories and way of living and working for long. Big companies will try to amplify their spaces so that offices and shared areas won’t be so crowded as before and to do so they need to find new spaces for their employees. Co-working space…

Why we prefer not to use gloves in Le Phare’s co-working space?

Is it the correct choice to wear gloves in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?   Well, when we reopened our co-working space we tried to adopt all the possible measures to prevent the spread of the virus in order our Sailors feel and be safe. We provided every coworker a pair of gloves as it was mentioned everywhere. Until one day, when our Sailor Sara , who is a doctor, tell us that…

How to switch from Le Phare co-working space to your home office?

The period we are facing is not an easy one. From one day to another everything changed, but like, REALLY changed! We now have to stay home, trying to set up a space in our houses, which are now becoming also our office. We need to be productive in an environment that could differ a lot from the professional one . Luckily, in all this we are supported by technology. Could you imagine if we…

Bastien Villain

I’m Bastien, a French professional trainee working for Copenhagenize France Design & Co., an urban bike planning consulting agency at Le Phare du Kanaal. Freshly arrived from Austria, I’m already enjoying the beautiful Belgian dishes and.. the weather.  

Emmanuel Colin

Identity can run really deep! I’ll stay practical and just give you some surface facts as an approximate answer. I’m a French Engineer. I started my professional career exploring the ladder of jobs in a company from the software industry, from developer to consultant to pre-sales to projects manager. I worked on many projects for many clients, ranging from deadly boring to really exciting. The next step would have been to become a projects director…

Antoine Pingault

I’m Antoine, a young 29 years old French expat. I grew up at the feet of the Alps in Grenoble. Then I decided to leave my cherished mountains for some flatter and rainier lands. I first lived for a couple of years in Ghent and loved the city and its canals. Together with my girlfriend, we have since moved to the Belgian capital where we are now enjoying the cosmopolitan city (and its cafe near…