Simon Bos

I’m Simon Bos, a French web developer who dreamed about living in Brussels for ages. So here I am.


I’m Simon Bos, a French web developer who dreamed about living in Brussels for ages. So here I am.


On which project are you currently working on?

I am currently spending most of my working hours on the development of an application for architects and other construction professionals. This application is called ArchiReport and aims to help and improve building site management.
We have really great feedback from our customers so it is really impelling.


What do you like to do when you are not working?

I spend a lot of time trying to grow vegetables and herbs on my terrace, and on my community garden plot in the wonderful Scheutbos park. I also try to develop some projects related to that gardening thing. We have a huge flat roof top on our building and I try to convince the other landlords to start a rooftop vegetable garden up there.
I am feeling a bit of a garden monomaniac these days, but I have also plenty of others weird hobbies but that would be too long to write it here.


Song you would like to make us discover?

I listen a lot of music on Spotify while working, jumping from one band to another with their great artist radio feature and their “Discover weekly” playlist.
A track, that I encountered that way recently, blew my mind. It’s called Hana, the Japanese band Asa-Chang & Junray made that tune in 2002 and it sounds nicely weird.


A quote, a poem, an advice, which follows you everywhere?

“Le monde ne nous environne pas, il nous traverse. Ce que nous habitons, nous habite. Ce qui nous entoure, nous constitue. Nous ne nous appartenons pas. Nous sommes toujours-déjà disséminés dans tout ce à quoi nous nous lions. La question n’est pas de former le vide d’où nous parviendrions à enfin ressaisir tout ce qui nous échappe, mais d’apprendre à mieux habiter ce qui est là” in À nos amis from le Comité Invisible


How do you feel at Le Phare?

Being at Le Phare is like being at home, except that some delicious cakes magically appear from time to time near your desk. Hanna, Julien and the people working there are really cheerful, as well as all the other nice coworkers who contributes giving the place its happy vibe.


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