Le Phare, one year later

One year has already passed since we set sail for Molenbeek. Let’s look back on this first year’s trip.

The sailor experience

77 free trials convinced new coworkers to come here and work the equivalent of 465.5 days. People from everywhere spent 206.5 hours brainstorming in our meeting room. Not to mention the countless hours that we all spent discussing anything and everything down at the café or on the terrace.

Co-working at Le Phare du Kanaal also meant a lot for our sailors’ stomach : 52kg of candies, 20kg of coffee, 100L of water (much of which was used during last July’s heat wave) and shared gustative experiences at the café.

Work and cultural events

In one year, 24 events took place at Le Phare. We like to create occasions for our sailors to network, as well as more relaxed, cultural meetings open to everyone. Here’s a sample of the type of get-together that you can expect from us:

  • Sailors meetings: so we can make sure that we all get to know each-other. We invite our sailors to gather, connect and exchange on a regular basis.
  • Café numérique: for the tech experts or the simply curious. Speaking of “tech” we also organised a Girleek night last Thursday: the only tech event with more woman than men!
  • An Entrelancers event: where entrepreneurs meet freelancers!
  • Hold-ups: believe it or not, we are into hold-ups but they actually Make Sense and are meant with the best intentions.

As for after hours and weekends, the possibilities get endless. Here’s what happened in 2016: on October 31 was our grand opening night. It was such a great night that four months later, we launched our own Saturday Phare Fever. Between the two, a Christmas market was held. The year continued actively with an evening of wine tasting, three photo exhibitions (another one is coming soon!) and 6 live concerts including one for the Brussels Jazz Marathon.

Let’s not forget that on Saturday 24th Septembre was Phare West day, our anniversary celebration party, the first of many!

An even brighter future

This was our very first year… and just the beginning of the adventure. We open a new year of existence with great enthusiasm, our head filled with ideas, and our cupboard full of candies and coffee for you.

Let’s sail together

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