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Le Phare co-working philosophy: community & collaboration

Three months ago I told you about my personal experience at Le Phare du Kanaal. Today I would like to tell you about how other sailors got involved into new projects through their coming to the co-working spaces.

Sailors teaming up

Have they told you yet? The rooms were actually decorated by one of the first sailors, Katya. She largely contributed to making the working rooms into a warming and stimulating environment. She’s an interior designer looking to set up a business as a creator of beautiful, ecological and ethical environments. More on that on her website, Space Refinery. Katya's touch in pictures. 

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As you can see, mutual needs and potential for collaboration have borne fruit more than once. The next step was to stimulate that kind of collaboration between co-workers, such as through the Sailors meetings. And it worked. Here’s some stories:

–    Sébastien is a web developer that has been co-working here regularly. He knows a bunch of stuffs about yoga and dance, too! Stephanie is a truly European girl who has been working for the non-profit sector and is now developing two projects: first, setting up her own business as a project coordinator and communication adviser for NGOs. Second, developing a website to share her stories and culinary experiences from a three-month trip to Palestine. As it turns out, there was a web developer in the room, and they knew each other: they had exchanged before, downstairs after hours or upstairs as they were getting a drink. So naturally she asked him, and not long after her new fresh website was online! Discover Taste of Palestine, the result of their joined force.

–    Ruben is, and I quote, “a social entrepreneur who is always looking for new connections between people, organizations and ideas in his attempt to design creative solutions to societal challenges”. Unsurprisingly, he found the good spot to come and work and ended up creating Dine with us, a not-for-profit organization in which Elizabeth, came to take part. Ruben wanted to act for the refugees, and Elizabeth as a service designer sailor working for NGOs, couldn’t help but join the adventure. 

So, here we have two instances of the fruitful magic of Le Phare du Kanaal’s co-working philosophy. How do they make it?

Small details, big differences:

Have you noticed that the co-working spaces have some unusual equipment made for the co-workers’ wellbeing

–    The red telephone box: without the telephone, but still there for you to make a call. I’m afraid this phone box won’t take you to London nor to any other time or space, but it will provide what most co-working spaces don’t have: a private space for you to use you telephone, without bothering your fellow sailors.

–    The stand-up desks. You have some chairs at your disposal. If you don’t like those with armrests, you can find some without them, or even some stools. Then you also have actual armchairs in case you want to relax or work from a very comfortable spot. And it makes sense, because as sedentary people, it’s essential to regularly change our position and posture. Le Phare du Kanaal understands that. So they equipped each room with standup desks. Are you intrigued? They displayed explanatory posters on the walls. Now the next thing to do is to come and try it!

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So these few elements can partly explain why we feel so at ease at Le Phare du Kanaal. But still, there is just something in the air that I cannot describe. Something that you can find downstairs at the café as well. Some kind of eagerness to meet new people and to live new adventures together. 

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