Gilbert West

I’m Gilbert West. I live in Brussels and I make stuff on the web.

Who are you?

I’m Gilbert West. I live in Brussels and I make stuff on the web.  

On which project are you currently working on?

I work part-time in a team of about 25 people at a company called SunFunder. My colleagues are based from Hawaii to Nairobi and we have offices in San Francisco and Nairobi. We provide finance to companies, mostly in Africa, that do construction of off-grid solar installations.
I’m also a freelance web developer and work on projects for UN related organisations that help legislators in low-income countries formulate local legislation to help combat climate change.
And I spend one day per week as a technical advisor on a volunteer project called prisma.care to build a mobile app for families who have a loved one with Dementia. It’s like a story book of memories that help families reminisce together.  

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Drink coffee while listening to podcasts and audio books realising that it’s Friday and I have the day off.  

Song you would like to make us discover?

Funky Nassau Part 1  

A quote, a poem, an advice, which follows you everywhere?

It often takes more courage to change one’s opinion than to keep it – Willy Brandt  

How do you feel at Le Phare?


To know more about Gilbert’s work: SunFunder
To contact Gilbert : gilbertwest@gmail.com
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