Why we prefer not to use gloves in Le Phare’s co-working space?

Is it the correct choice to wear gloves in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?


Well, when we reopened our co-working space we tried to adopt all the possible measures to prevent the spread of the virus in order our Sailors feel and be safe. We provided every coworker a pair of gloves as it was mentioned everywhere. Until one day, when our Sailor Sara , who is a doctor, tell us that using gloves was not efficient at all.

Let us explain you why.  

Firstly, by wearing gloves you will move the virus from one surface to another. The virus sticks more on gloves than on skin, therefore there is more risks to spread the virus to the surfaces you will touch with those same gloves. 

Wearing gloves can give a false sense of security, as we won’t wash our gloves as often as our hands and that’s equal to say that every time we touch something with gloved hands, like your smartphone, computer, glass, we may be using contaminated hands. So, in order to behave correctly, you need to use one pair of gloves for each action you will take. Not easy and not zero waste friendly at all! It will be more efficient to disinfect your hands.

Another important point is that if you use gloves you also need to take them off in the proper manner. That means: hold the removed glove in your gloved hand and not with the free hand, than peel off the other glove by inserting your fingers inside the gloves taking care not to touch the exterior of your glove while leaving the first glove within the second one and directly throw them away. AND do not forget to wash your hands immediately after that.

By not following this procedure and touching the external part of your gloves with bare hands, you could let the virus move from gloves to hands.

In conclusion, the best way to protect yourself is to regularly wash your hands and avoid to touch your face.

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