Bertrand Vandeloise portrait

Bertrand Vandeloise

Je suis Bertrand Vandeloise, bruxellois de 33 ans, papa, qui aime la vie et les gens, photographe et photo-reporter, engagé, ...
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Gilbert West - Web Developer

Gilbert West

I'm Gilbert West. I live in Brussels and I make stuff on the web ...
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Deirdre Healy - Pharmacist and public health consultant

Deirdre Healy

My name is Deirdre Healy, I’m irish, recent arrival to Brussels and work in public health ...
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Copenhagenize Design Co.

We are Clotilde, Ana and Cécile from Copenhagenize Design Co. Copenhagenize Design Co. is a multi-disciplinary team for cities in ...
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Morad Chahboun - Entrepreneur

Morad Chahboun

I am Morad Chahboun from Brussels and more precisely from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Son of Mohamed Chahboun and Saida El Bouloumi 🙂 ...
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Véronique Bollinne Ergotherapist & Coach

Véronique Bollinne

I am Véronique Bollinne, I am a trainer, ergo-therapist and coach. I am the co-founder of « La lampe à ...
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Gregoire Comhaire - Journalist

Grégoire Comhaire

I am Gregoire Comhaire – 35 years old – belgian journalist based in Brussels. I work as a freelance reporter ...
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Simon Bos - Web Developer

Simon Bos

I’m Simon Bos, a French web developer who dreamed about living in Brussels for ages. So here I am ...
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Le Grand Amour - Love Declaration and Wedding Proposal Agency

Le Grand Amour

We are Matthieu and Stella, co-founders of "Le Grand Amour" agency. We help people in love to organize their wedding ...
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Dominique Gringoire - Founder of DG Design Agency

Dominique Gringoire

I am Dominique Gringoire, founder of the DG-Design Agency, a multi-disciplinary agency based on my passion for design, elegancy and ...
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Paola Verhaert - Historian & creative coder

Paola Verhaert

I’m Paola Verhaert, a Belgian-Peruvian historian and creative coder ...
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Jasper de Craecker - Founder of Array 51 web development agency

Jasper De Craecker

I’m Jasper De Craecker and I run a web development company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania called Array 51. Usually I’m ...
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Marco Pracchini - Founder of Innosource innovation consultancy agency

Marco Pracchini

Hi, I am Marco Pracchini. I sailed almost 5 years ago from Italy all the way up to Brussels, but ...
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Elizabeth Verhetsel - Founder of Twisted Studio service design agency

Elizabeth Verhetsel

Hi, I am Elizabeth Verhetsel, a service designer. In human: I help NGO’s to build services, policy and projects bottom ...
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Cyrielle Marlet - Founder of Palabright web communication agency

Cyrielle Marlet

I’m Cyrielle, I’m 28-year-old pirate from Braine-l’Alleud. Don’t worry, I’m a good pirate: I just love to swim against the ...
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Els Gillisjans - Graphic designer

Els Gillisjans

My name is Els Gillisjans. I’m a freelance graphic designer living and working in Brussels and Ghent ...
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Francoise Ernoult - Founder of GlobusCrea web development agency

Françoise Ernould

Je m’appelle Françoise Ernould (Fanfan), j’ai 45 ans et je suis Web Developer et créatrice de sites web ...
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Céline Berger - Personnal Coach

Céline Berger

Je m’appelle Céline Berger, j’ai 36 et je suis une Happy Mum curieuse de tout ...
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Guillaume Houba - Graphic designer

Guillaume Houba

My name is Guillaume Houba. I’m 28 years old. I’m a self taught graphic designer. I work in this field ...
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Marijke de Vries - Journalist

Marijke de Vries

My name is Marijke de Vries (29) and I am a journalist from the Netherlands. Recently my boyfriend and I ...
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