How to switch from Le Phare co-working space to your home office?

The period we are facing is not an easy one. From one day to another everything changed, but like, REALLY changed!

We now have to stay home, trying to set up a space in our houses, which are now becoming also our office. We need to be productive in an environment that could differ a lot from the professional one . Luckily, in all this we are supported by technology. Could you imagine if we had to face this period 30 years ago, with a very slow and poor connection? No. Well, me neither!
Anyway, as we are all encouraged to stay home for again some more weeks and to continue working, I decided to share with you some tips which could help you to better work from home.

1. Maintain regular hours and don’t overwork!

Try to maintain your usual daily routine. If you were used to work from 9.00 to 18.00 with an hour lunch break at 13.00, stick to this schedule as much as possible. I know that one of the working-from-home benefits is flexibility but try to fix a routine so that your body could take advantage of a regularity.
Take some breaks when you need. And what’s more important is to take your days off! Try not work on weekends or at least 2 days in a row and dedicate this time to your family or roomies and take care of yourself (relax, read books about your interests, cook etc).

2. Keep communicating and socialising

A common error when working from home, could isolate yourself slowly. To avoid that risk, stay updated with other Sailors. Do not hesitate to reach out co-workers or colleagues even for asking how they are doing You can do it in our Facebook private group, where you can keep in touch with other Sailors. Share your tips. And don’t forget, the greatest ideas come when you exchange views with others!

3. Create a dedicated office

One of the most critical point for some of us could be to find a space to dedicate only to our work. If you are lucky enough to have an empty room you can convert it as your office, if not, you can find a corner and set up a desk with your working furniture. Above all, try to avoid using your bed as an usual office, once or twice it’s always nice but in the longer term it will start being a bit confusing! Seek a quiet space where you can easily stay focused. If possible try to get natural light and decorate a bit this space: a comfortable chair and a plant could help. Think of Le Phare if you need a reference 😉
You also need to create a morning routine. If you were used to getting dressed, have your breakfast in the kitchen, and then set off to reach Le Phare, will continue this routine before going into your space and start working: it’s a signal for your brain that it’s time to work. But, yeah we also miss the “good morning everyone!” when people entering the co-working…

4. Set rules with your family or roomie

Everyone needs his/her space, possibly quiet, to work and stay focus. This could be a big challenge. First you need to create a physical boundary, like a door, to separate yourself while working from the rest of the house. Then set specific hours in which you don’t want to be disturbed and communicate them clearly to your family or roomies. Then, fix the rule that when your door is closed, nobody has to interrupt your working session, unless there is something important and/or urgent. “Le Phare posted a new recipe on social media” could count as something really important 😉
This could be a golden rule for parents that need to be focused. You could also take advantage your kids nap or keep them entertained by setting aside few cool toys. You can arrange their playing time or special movie time while you need to stay focused, or fill your working hours with activities that will keep them busy for the time you absolutely require to finish your task. In order to do this, every evening you can try to draft a plan for the next day dividing your time between family and work.

5. Eat healthy and stay in good shape

As for me, I regret when I just had to go downstairs in Le Phare café and choose my lunch. Now that I have to do it by myself twice I usually think “I don’t know what to eat” or “I have nothing to eat” so I’m tempted just to eat a snack, especially for dinner. But there is nothing more wrong than that! Proper nutrition is crucial for our body and brain that need energy to work well. What we could do is to diversify our weekly grocery, buy seasonal vegetables and healthy food, avoiding as much as possible junk food. So, try to eat healthy snacks, such as fruits, or nuts. In addition, you can include 45 minutes sports every 2 or 3 days. Doing exercises is a natural boost for our brain and help us feel better and more motivated. You can follow online lessons on Facebook and Instagram, or just do exercises on your own. Do some stretching and give your eyes pauses from screens.

It’s important to stick as much as possible as our ordinary life before this virus. Working from home could be very challenging, especially during these exceptional times. Professionally speaking, this is a hard period for many among us, but it could be seen as a stimulating challenge for our businesses. We could re-evaluate our team working method, how we divide competences, our online presence and so on. We can work outside our comfort zone and innovate while keeping our values and spirit. And if your workload is decreasing you can also enjoy the sun during a longer break 🙂

Hope these tips can help you. Do not hesitate to share yours with us. We miss you guys!

Take care,
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