Co-working is the future!

Even though the pandemic gave us a hard time, we think that co-working scene will face a bright future. Let us explain you why.

The Covid-19 situation will last in our memories and way of living and working for long. Big companies will try to amplify their spaces so that offices and shared areas won’t be so crowded as before and to do so they need to find new spaces for their employees. Co-working space seems to be a flexible and affordable solution to answer this need.

Moreover, following the lock-down and the obligation for millions of people to work from home, both employers and employees, discovered the benefits and good results regarding this way of working. But, as some of you already know, working from home on the long term could decrease your productivity and you could be easily distracted, or simply you just need to separate your private from your professional life. It is thus important to find a neutral space not too far from home where to stay focused. Flexible co-working spaces like Le Phare seem to be, once again, a good compromise.

At Le Phare, you have access to bright and cozy rooms where the 1,5 m social distancing rule is respected and where you can work quietly and surrounded by nice and passionate workers. Not forgetting the unlimited good quality tea and coffee! Besides and as mentioned above, flexibility at work seems to be the key word nowadays. At Le Phare you can select the working pass that suits you the best from the single day to the 10 days pass and the full month pass without any engagement. You are an early bird or night owl at work? No problem! With our 24/7 access you can come and work at Le Phare whenever it suits you.

Last but not least, many independent workers have suffered from this lockdown and lack of social interactions and co-working spaces are a way to help people to re-connect, build networks and feel part of a community. At Le Phare we cherish these moments betweens our Sailors (members) like breakfast, coffee break, lunch, apéro, networking conference etc…

All these reasons lead us thinking that co-working spaces are the best answer for today’s needs in term of way of working post Covid 19.

Co-working spaces like Le Phare is the perfect combination between flexibility, safe working environment and the community and human aspect.

Come and say hi, your first day is free!

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