Frederike Migom - Filmmaker

Frederike Migom

I am Frederike Migom and I’m a filmmaker ...
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Thibault Godet - Founder of Terroirist agricultural cooperative

Thibaud Godet

Je m’appelle Thibaud Godet et j'ai 28 ans ...
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Vincent Dejans - Founder of Iuzu wine agency

Vincent Dejans

I’m Vincent Dejans. Born in Kortrijk 45 years ago, living since 2002 in Brussels. In 2007, I decided to say ...
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Ruben Loodts - Founder of Otherwhere social innovation agency

Ruben Loodts

I am Ruben Loodts, a social entrepreneur who is always looking for new connections between people, organisations and ideas in ...
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Kevin Tricot - Web developer

Kevin Tricot

I’m Kevin Tricot, 31 years old, IT consultant and web designer working actually for a company based in Bangkok ...
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Marlies Deforche - Founder of Twisted Studio service design agency

Marlies Deforche

I’m Marlies Deforche, a designer working on projects that use human-centered design principles to solve social issues. My background is ...
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Katya Rablova - Founder of Space Refinery interior design agency

Katya Rablova

I'm Katya Rablova - an interior designer hailing from NYC. I design and manage large scale residential projects overseas, but ...
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Diego Callizo - Agile coach

Diego Callizo

Je m'appelle Diego Callizo et comme toi, je suis un être qui fait une expérience sur cette planète et ce, ...
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Hanna Bonnier - Founder of Le Phare du Kanaal

Hanna Bonnier

Je m’appelle Hanna Bonnier, je suis la fondatrice du Phare du Kanaal. J’adore les gens, la vie de quartier et ...
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