Dominique Gringoire - Founder of DG Design Agency

Dominique Gringoire

I am Dominique Gringoire, founder of the DG-Design Agency, a multi-disciplinary agency based on my passion for design, elegancy and ...
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Paola Verhaert - Historian & creative coder

Paola Verhaert

I’m Paola Verhaert, a Belgian-Peruvian historian and creative coder ...
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Jasper de Craecker - Founder of Array 51 web development agency

Jasper De Craecker

I’m Jasper De Craecker and I run a web development company based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania called Array 51. Usually I’m ...
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Jana Antonissen - Journalist

Jana Antonissen

I am Jana Antonissen, Belgian-born, have lived at different places all over the country. Currently living in Brussels, and Berlin ...
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Marco Pracchini - Founder of Innosource innovation consultancy agency

Marco Pracchini

Hi, I am Marco Pracchini. I sailed almost 5 years ago from Italy all the way up to Brussels, but ...
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Elizabeth Verhetsel - Founder of Twisted Studio service design agency

Elizabeth Verhetsel

Hi, I am Elizabeth Verhetsel, a service designer. In human: I help NGO’s to build services, policy and projects bottom ...
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Cyrielle Marlet - Founder of Palabright web communication agency

Cyrielle Marlet

I’m Cyrielle, I’m 28-year-old pirate from Braine-l’Alleud. Don’t worry, I’m a good pirate: I just love to swim against the ...
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Els Gillisjans - Graphic designer

Els Gillisjans

My name is Els Gillisjans. I’m a freelance graphic designer living and working in Brussels and Ghent ...
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Francoise Ernoult - Founder of GlobusCrea web development agency

Françoise Ernould

Je m’appelle Françoise Ernould (Fanfan), j’ai 45 ans et je suis Web Developer et créatrice de sites web ...
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Céline Berger - Personnal Coach

Céline Berger

Je m’appelle Céline Berger, j’ai 36 et je suis une Happy Mum curieuse de tout ...
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Guillaume Houba - Graphic designer

Guillaume Houba

My name is Guillaume Houba. I’m 28 years old. I’m a self taught graphic designer. I work in this field ...
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Marijke de Vries - Journalist

Marijke de Vries

My name is Marijke de Vries (29) and I am a journalist from the Netherlands. Recently my boyfriend and I ...
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Leen Vandereyken - Creative writer

Leen Vandereyken

I’m Leen Vandereyken a creative writer (Dutch). I’ve written 5 children and young adult books under my own name and ...
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Kevin Pycke - Architect

Kevin Pycke

My name is Kevin Pycke. I am 32 years old and I’m a landscape architect. I just started STUDIO OMBRE ...
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Gilles Pinault - Founder of MicroFactory fablab

Gilles Pinault

Gilles Pinault, bientôt 2 fois papa et fondateur de la Micro Factory, un atelier partagé… disons un peu comme le ...
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Koen & Wim - Founders of Les Gazelles de Bruxelles NGO

Koen and Wim

We are Koen en Wim, 28 and 29 years old. This month we started to work for Les gazelles de ...
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Florence Godet - Marketing & communication officer

Florence Godet

Je m’appelle Florence Godet, j’ai 24 ans et je viens juste de finir en septembre dernier mes études à la ...
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Mart Leys - Health services consultant

Mart Leys

Je suis Mart Leys et je suis en pleine transition. Vers où, ça je ne le sais pas encore. Entre ...
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Founder of Otherwhere social innovation agency

Federico Guerrieri

I am Federico Guerrieri and I’m passionate about supporting local and transnational initiatives aimed at producing a positive societal change ...
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Céline Mornard - Founder of AGO architect & design agency

Céline Mornard

Je m’appelle Céline Mornard et je suis architecte. Je suis associée à Hervé (un autre marin) et nous avons créé ...
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