Sara Debulpaep

Sara Debulpaep

I am Sara, a pediatrician, or child doctor, working in the University Hospital of Gent, UZGent. I am the coordinator ...
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marine van den bossche

Marine van den Bossche

Je m’appelle Marine, j’ai 28 ans. J’ai étudié la communication à l’ECS (European Communication School) durant 4 ans et ensuite, ...
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Portrait marin sara lou

Sara Lou

Salut moi c’est Sara Lou, 26 ans, mariée et mère de deux garçons. Une citoyenne engagée pour le vivre ensemble, ...
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Laura Sullivan

Laura Sullivan

My name is Laura Sullivan, Im an activist and advocate for justice working as Executive Director to WeMove.EU, an online ...
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Virginia de Craecker - project manager euroconvention global

Virginia de Craecker

My name is Virginia de Craecker, I’m 28 years old and a happy resident of Ste Catherine since two years, ...
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Astrid carfagnini - research assistant

Astrid Carfagnini

My name is Astrid Carfagnini. I’m a research assistant at the Faculty of Interpretation and Translation of the University of ...
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Simon Cavalier Chef

Simon Cavalier

I'm Simon, I'm 34 and I think I might be one of the Brussels's happiest cook and dad! I grew ...
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dorst en lesser Laura van Meerbeeck

Dorst & Lesser Brussels Trio

DORST & LESSER BRUSSELS TRIO, aka. Laura Van Meerbeeck,Salony Saxena and Inge Bracke ...
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Maria Lucia Portocarrero - eco-design leader

Maria Lucia Portocarrero

I am Maria Lucia Portocarrero, Nicaraguan, catlover, yogi, living in Europe since 2012 and in Brussels since 2016. I am ...
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portrait marin julien guinel

Julien Guinel

My name is Julien Guinel, I am Le Phare du Kanaal co-manager. I am from France and I live in ...
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portrait florent le chuiton

Florent Le Chuiton

My name is Florent Le Chuiton, I work at Kaer Online and am originally French. I moved early 2017 to ...
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Sandrine Pracchini - Reflexology massage therapist

Sandrine Pracchini

I’m Sandrine Pracchini, reflexology and massage therapist. I’m married and step mum of two beautiful little monsters ...
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Angèle Minguet - PHD in Political Sciences

Angèle Minguet

My name is Angèle Minguet. I am from Belgium (French-speaking part), where I studied History and Political Sciences. I’ve lived ...
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Bertrand Vandeloise portrait

Bertrand Vandeloise

Je suis Bertrand Vandeloise, bruxellois de 33 ans, papa, qui aime la vie et les gens, photographe et photo-reporter, engagé, ...
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Gilbert West - Web Developer

Gilbert West

I'm Gilbert West. I live in Brussels and I make stuff on the web ...
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Deirdre Healy - Pharmacist and public health consultant

Deirdre Healy

My name is Deirdre Healy, I’m irish, recent arrival to Brussels and work in public health ...
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Copenhagenize - Bicycle Urbanism Consultancy

Copenhagenize Design Co.

We are Clotilde, Ana and Cécile from Copenhagenize Design Co. Copenhagenize Design Co. is a multi-disciplinary team for cities in ...
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Morad Chahboun - Entrepreneur

Morad Chahboun

I am Morad Chahboun from Brussels and more precisely from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Son of Mohamed Chahboun and Saida El Bouloumi 🙂 ...
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Véronique Bollinne Ergotherapist & Coach

Véronique Bollinne

I am Véronique Bollinne, I am a trainer, ergo-therapist and coach. I am the co-founder of « La lampe à ...
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Gregoire Comhaire - Journalist

Grégoire Comhaire

I am Gregoire Comhaire – 35 years old – belgian journalist based in Brussels. I work as a freelance reporter ...
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